Becoming AFMA Accredited

The purpose of AFMA accreditation is to provide a minimum education, training and experience standard for individuals working in financial markets for Member organisations. Accreditation within the financial markets has been designed to enhance efficiency and increase the market’s credibility, both domestically and internationally. By accrediting individual practitioners, AFMA, on behalf of its Member organisations, seeks to cultivate a disciplined, risk-aware, and knowledgeable market place.

Industry-based self-regulation is a constructive force in wholesale financial markets. Internationally there is an acceptance that participants should meet approved industry-developed competencies. Licensing or accreditation of participants is best practice in all developed financial centres and markets. Moreover, development of industry standards for individuals also makes good business sense, in addition to providing assurance to regulators of the high professional standards within Australia’s traded financial markets.

How to become AFMA accredited

To be eligible for accreditation, applicants must:

  • have a minimum of six months experience

  • Be employed by one of our members

  • Be recommended for accreditation by that employer

  • Have successfully completed all relevant requirements of the following accreditation course:

  • Commit to 20 hours of training each year for continuing education

  • Commit to conduct themselves in accordance with the AFMA Code of Conduct

How to apply

When the above criteria are met, AFMA will email you the relevant Application for Accreditation form, alternatively email [email protected]

If you have any further questions about becoming AFMA Accredited, please refer the AFMA Accreditation Guidelines or contact us