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CE in Electricity Financial Markets

CE in Electricity Financial Markets comprises three workshops designed to enhance an individual's level of knowledge of this market..

TITLE: CE in Electricity Financial Markets
CE: Up to 20hrs
FEE: See program brochure
Available as in-house only

About the Speakers

Energy Edge Pty Ltd

Angus Macleod, Managing Director
Dr Elliot Tonkes, Manager, Risk & IT Computing
Tim Dutton, Trading and Risk Consultant
Nick Denman, Senior Risk and Technical Consultant

About this series

Markets in Focus – Electricity Financial Markets
This entry-level workshop outlines the basics of how the financial markets in electricity derivatives work, examining the financial products available for managing risks arising from the spot market.

Risk Management in Electricity Markets
The workshop builds on the knowledge of financial products gained by attending MIF - EFM but focuses on the risk perspectives of electricity markets, particularly volume risk, how these can be quantified, and how portfolios are built to manage them.

Pricing & Trading in Electricity Financial Markets
This workshop examines pricing techniques and considerations for electricity financial market products for frontline practitioners, as well as examining core trading strategies available for speculation or hedging.


The presenter had 'hands on' knowledge and was very well prepared.

Excellent explanation of physical and derivative markets.

The workshop covered a lot of ground but was very well paced and presented.