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The definitive survey of australia's financial markets

The Australian Financial Markets Report (AFMR) is the only annual report with comprehensive coverage and statistics on Australia's OTC market and the equity and futures exchanges.

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2016 report and 2016 excel data

View past reports

2015 report and 2015 excel data
2014 report
and 2014 excel data
2013 report
and 2013 excel data
2012 report
and 2012 excel data

What does AFMR provide?

AFMR provides unique insight into market activity and trends as well as an opportunity for market participants to benchmark performance against an objective standard. Detailed turnover data is provided on a variety of OTC markets, including:

  • Government and non government debt securities
  • Negotiable and transferable instruments
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Interest rate derivatives (Swaps including OIS, FRA's, IRO's)
  • Currency options
  • Credit derivatives
  • Foreign exchange and FX options
  • Electricity
  • Environmental products

More information

If you have any questions about the AFMR please contact us.